What you’ll need to use this planner:

  • iPad Pro or other tablet with pencil input
  • GoodNotes (paid version) or another PDF markup app.

Installation Instructions

When you click the link on your iPad it will take you to a Dropbox page that looks like this.

Click on the menu on the top right of the screen and choose “export”

Next: When you click “export” you can save the zip file (Goodnotes will unzip it) to your iPad or you can choose “copy to GoodNotes”.

Note: You might get a prompt to choose a category. If you choose a category it may still create it’s own category with the planner name so if you don’t see it, click on the “categories” in GoodNotes and you should see the category that was created. Once it’s imported, you’ll see it on your screen like this.

How to Use the Planner

The planner is extremely easy to use. Simply click on the far left icon to activate the ability to navigate throughout the planner. Once you find the page you want to write on click on any of the other four icons and start planning!

Quick tips for when you’re using the planner

Tutorial video coming soon….